Wifi Camera Workshop

Wifi Camera Workshop

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Wed 3 and Thu 4, 14:00 - 18:00 - Futures Exchange, HKW-Foyer

Adam Somlai-Fischer and Bengt Sjölén have been building wifi cameras for many years and have found many ways to create really simple ones. On this workshop they share the know-how and process of making them, and the joy of revealing the hidden phenomena from wifi data files.

In the ongoing process of understanding the projections of radio waves within the electromagnetic environments that we create with our devices, the artists invite people to help collect images of different locations with simple wifi cameras which they build themselves. Interpreting these images and correlating them to the environments in which they were taken the artists will collect a gallery of images - their own, as well as images produced in workshops - where people can explore both the images and the data-sets from which they are rendered to make their own visualisations.

> language: English | Cost: Free

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Day One - Build the camera. 3 hours.
Learn basics on cantennas, drill and cut a can, mount electronics and servo. After building and testing the cameras, participants will bring the cameras to take pictures in locations of their choice.

Day Two - Let's look at the results. 3 hours.
Learn how to read and visualize wifi camera logs. Find interesting patterns. We will collect all the data logs from the cameras and write code to visualize the data, make images and interpret those images.

Participants need to bring a laptop, pre-install processing.org, and a simple camera tripod. Participants should be available for both sessions.

What You Get
Participants will build their own wifi cameras, go out to take pictures, and learn how to visualise data using processing. No prior programming / electronics skills are needed.

–This workshop is fully booked


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