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Photo slider: Siegfried Zielinski at the transmediale.10 conference © Jonathan Gröger / transmediale; From one to many by Yvette Mattern at transmediale.10 © Jonathan Gröger / transmediale; Beyond the End - The Polar Project by Charly Niejensohn at transmediale.09; Gravicells by Seiko Mikami & Sota Ichikawa at transmediale.05; Launch of the reSource for transmedial culture © Genz, Lindner / transmediale; Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB) / in/compatible archaeology: Light Shows Expanded © Anna-Maria Baur / transmediale & CTM; White Noise by Žilvinas Kempinas at transmediale.10; Photo: CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE at transmediale 2014 © Roberta Orlando / transmediale; Art Hack Day Berlin : Afterglow at transmediale 2014 © Cristina Ara / transmediale; Installation OCTO P7C-1 at the Foyer at transmediale 2013 © Juan Quinones / transmediale; Kenneth Goldsmith at transmediale 2013 © Giulia Baccosi / transmediale; MSHR at transmediale 2014 © Elena Vasilkova / transmediale; Slogans for the Early Twenty-First Century by Douglas Coupland © Elena Vasilkuva / transmediale; Art Hack Day Berlin : Afterglow © Raquel Leyva / transmediale; Art Hack Day Berlin : Afterglow © Eva Herbst / transmediale; Stephen Graham, Sarah Kember, Tobias Revell and Ryan Bishop at transmediale 2015 © Katharina Träg / transmediale; unMonastery at transmediale 2015 © Julian Paul / transmediale 2015 © Julian Paul / transmediale: LaTurbo Avendon at transmediale 2015 © Paco Neumann; transmediale/conversationpiece Foyer / transmediale 2016 © design akademie berlin; Teresa Dillon at transmediale 2016 / © Julian Paul; The Mess with Tech, Sense and Thinking at transmediale 2016 / © design akademie berlin | transmediale/resource photo: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in Springfield, Virginia, by Trevor Paglen | Vilém Flusser Residency photo: An Ecosystem of Excess by Pinar Yoldas | Network photo: © Maria Silvano / transmediale | Publications photo: © The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger | transmediale/archive photo: Malraux's Shoes by Dennis Adams | transmediale/archive photo slider: My Generation by Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, courtesy of the artists, photo by Franco Mattes; Newton by Ho Tzu Nyen, courtesy of Osage Gallery; James Webb Space Telescope mirrors, photo by NASA/Chris Gunn