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"Conversation Piece" at transmediale 2016, Photo by Julian Paul

As of 2015 there is no longer a yearly thematic call for works that leads up to each transmediale festival. Instead artists and other cultural practitioners are welcome to submit their projects through an open submission system that has a running deadline.

Polymorphism #23 x Decisions, CTM

The 23rd edition of CTM's Polymorphism-series pairs up with Australian-based DECISIONS.

The six-part series of films curated by Florian Wüst for bi'bak, shows diverse forms of movement, deals with staying and leaving, freedom and borders, law and violence.

This exhibition, curated by transmediale curator Daphne Dragona, focuses on the multiple aspects the future presents today.

A Peer-Reviewed Journal About / MACHINE RESEARCH

This publication is about Machine Research – research on machines, research with machines, and research as a machine.

Art Laboratory Berlin

Art Laboratory Berlin would like to invite you to the next resource network meeting on Thursday, 27 April, 19:00.

Technosphärenklänge #3

On 12 and 13 May the third edition of the Technosphärenklänge series will present musical projects operating at the border of art and science.

Temporary Library by Alessandro Ludovico and Annette Gilbert at transmediale 2017

Until 14 July you can browse through the Temporary Library, which featuers 200 publications dealing with the topics of digital art und culture, at UdK Berlin.

Offshore Investigation Vehicle, Demystification Committee

Offshore Investigation Vehicle by the Demystification Committee is based on ongoing research into the structures of power embodied in offshore practices and tries to identify means of dislocating these financial systems.

transmediale/magazine #4

You forgot to grab your copy of transmediale/magazine at the festival? Don't worry, we've got you covered.