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CTM Festival 2018 Prelude Tara Transitory

Tara Transitory, Rabih Beaini and group A are bringing their transformatory power sounds to Berghain on 27 September.

AND Festival 2017

transmediale is excited to announce a new European partnership and program The New Networked Normal (NNN), a collaboration between five leading arts organisations from across Europe.

CTM 2018 Prelude line-up

The first CTM 2018 Prelude event kicks off with Sacred Horror in Design and Spectric Acid at Festsaal Kreuzberg on 23 September.

Corn the food of the Nation Poster – Smithsonian Public Domain

transmediale has invited the renegade film archaeologist Jack Stevenson to present an evening of titles from his collection of classic and notorious 16mm propaganda shorts.

transmediale office, photo: Robert Rieger for Freunde von Freunde

Become part of the transmediale/team and support us for the 31st festival edition!

CTM Radio Lab @CTM 2017 Photo by Stefanie Kulisch

Once more, CTM Festival is inviting artists to create the most exciting radio and live sounds.

The 2017 Vilém Flusser Resident for Artistic Research join this year's UdK-Rundgang with a workshop on 21 July and an exhibition on 22 and 23 July. 


26 January – 4 February 2017

CTM Polymorphism #24 x Different Circles

The upcoming Polymorphism edition features Mumdance & Logos, Rian Treanor, Conor Thomas, and Anastasia Kristensen. 

Join the meeting to become a shareholder in Empire Management Limited, an Offshore Investigation Vehicle set up by the 2017 Vilém Flusser Resident for Artistic Research. Application needed.