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The call for new artistic projects to be presented on is open until 31 May 2018.

"Conversation Piece" at transmediale 2016, Photo by Julian Paul

Artists and other cultural practitioners are welcome to submit their projects through an open submission system that has a running deadline.

Still image from Good Life, photo by Elisabeth Marjanovic' Cronvall

The jury is pleased to announce the the selected residency project.

For the upcoming edition of Polymorphism Moscow-based Gost Zvuk presents Russia's musical diversity.

On 6 April CTM's Technosphärenklänge invites you into a world of tonal fiction that makes post-digital connectivity tangible.

Audio Documentation transmediale 2018

Audio recordings of most transmediale 2018 events can now be found in the archive.

transmediale 2018 Visitor Survey

Complete this year's questionnaire—for an even better transmediale 2019


Performative video discussion series & symposium at Humboldt University of Berlin on 12 February