Hard Feelings: A Conversation on Computation and Affect

Hard Feelings: A Conversation on Computation and Affect

03.02.2018 16:30
Festival edition: 
Café Stage

Moderated by Eric Snodgrass

Computation is disturbing, thrilling, shameful, destabilizing, loveable, unbearable: to examine its relation to affect is to consider how affect is made operative. The seemingly costless proposition of a like, heart, or share fed forward into a calculative ambience of filter bubbles, neural networks, and biocomputation. As outlined by writers like Lauren Berlant, in response to the manipulative “cruel optimism” witnessed in many computational affectspheres” of the present, one task is to make and unmake a world that is worth our attachment to it. How might practicing with affect and computation allow us to rub up against that which is not immediately present or recognizable? How can computation be affective in ways that are intimate, material, and also political? Taking these openings as launching points, the speakers will engage in a conversation about the uses, misuses, and further potential avenues for thinking with affect and computation.


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