Marco Brosolo

Marco Brosolo


Marco Brosolo has been constantly active as a visual artist and performer of music since 1999. This was also when he started the music project 9 combining art and pop-songs. As a visual artist he makes paintings and drawings that mix the styles of rough cartoons and conceptual art as well as video pieces exploring the relations between images and sound, synaesthesia and video clips. In the past he worked as an art performer for the theatre experiment W.I.P (La Fura dells Baus) and has composed several theatre soundtracks for the French theatre company Kali&Co.
Since 2006 he has been developing a multi-sensor instrument called AST. Under the pseudonym 9 he released the album Eponymous featuring 9 "digital campfire songs" in 2009. Recently Marco Brosolo also founded Moving Silence, a platform for projects combining contemporary silent films and live music and joined the resident choir of the HKW, Berlin (led by Barbara Morgenstern and Philip Neumann). He lives and works in Berlin.

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