Speaking to Ancestors presents exhibition of Shira Wachsmann
The Moment Before

June 21–July 9
Opening: June 21, 7pm
Opening hours: Thur–Sun 12pm–7pm

The two-year exhibition series, Speaking to Ancestors, brings together seven artistic positions that deal with the search for genealogies, origins, and ritual (image) practices curated by Pauline Doutreluingne and Keumhwa Kim. The invited artists develop their own narration about their ancestors, starting from ceremonial, and ritual traditions or based on intimate, familial stories, creating a new symbolic and social field of action situated between faded myths and handed-down imagination. The program cooperates with various Berlin locations as memory spaces: places of worship, healing, and devotion. In dialogue with the history of the exhibition site, the artists are invited to develop their works in a new, site-specific way.

For the fourth iteration, Speaking to Ancestors presents the exhibition The Moment Before by Shira Wachsmann at transmediale studio. In her work, Wachsmann explores trauma and its influence on the creation of knowledge production and reality. At the center of the exhibition is a video trilogy (2020-23) in which Wachsmann engages with three actors that have been and are being used to actively shape and reshape the Israeli-Palestinian as well as German narratives and history: a cactus (Sabra), a tank (SabraM60T), and a “Trümmerfrauen” monument. The exhibition is complimented by an augmented reality installation that is activated by visitors in the outdoor space of the silent green. Find out more about the exhibition

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