Will You Be My Trashure?

Chairs: Francesco Warbear Macarone Palmieri and Katrien Jacobs

Trash and treasures of the post-digital orgasm.

transmediale is involving you in this post orgasmic moment as a different and new reading of bodies and sexuality in a post-digital momentum. TRASHURE, as the hybrid name informs sliding between trash and treasures, explores trans-cultural geographies of sexuality. Within this frame politics does not have to be seen as dialectic between north and south, but as fragmented, multiplied, atomized and already trashuring reality in every contemporary geopolitical order. TRASHURE is a radically questioning consciousness and unresolved ambivalence as a form of afterglow contemplation; the art of love and pitfalls of synthetic failure. The lectures and performative statements will connect to maps and territories of sexual control, social media management, new media performances, body politics and queer activism with the aim to explore the afterglow of the post digital orgasm. Will you be my TRASHURE?


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