Timo Arnall

Timo Arnall


Timo Arnall is creative director at BERG in London and research fellow at the Oslo School of Architecture & Design.
Timo’s design, photography and filmmaking work is about developing and explaining emerging technologies through visual experiments, films, visualisations, speculative products and interfaces. He led the international research project Touch investigating physical interaction with everyday objects in Oslo. Over 15 years he has directed commercials, animated films, designed exhibitions and urban screens and architected web and mobile applications. Recent exhibitions include MoMA’s Talk to Me, the V&A’s Power of Making, Designs of the year at the Design Museum, London Transport’s Sense and the City, Invisible Fields and Habitar at Laboral in Spain.
Timo is part of the visiting faculty at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the Oslo School of Architecture & Design, Umeå Institute of Design, The Institute for Advanced Architecture, the Royal College of Art and the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. Timo regularly talks about design, media and technology at international conferences such as Reboot, LIFT, PICNIC, IXDA, Design Engaged, Frontiers of Interaction, Design of Understanding, Barcelona Design Week, Oslo LUX, The Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, Web 2.0 Expo, and O’Reilly’s Foo Camp.

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