Vittore Baroni, Organic Tree of Networking, 1992
Vittore Baroni, Organic Tree of Networking, 1992

The mailing-list of the 'reSource transmedial culture berlin'


On 8.8.12 we launched reSource-net, the mailing-list of the “reSource transmedial culture berlin” project, with the scope of encouraging the sharing and development of experiences, questions and interventions, before, during and after the transmediale festival period.


This mailing-list is the opportunity to plan the upcoming reSource open discussions, (the next is scheduled for 22 August: 15:00 - 19:00, in the conference room of Kunstraum  Kreuzberg /Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor) and to reflect on common issues, addressing them to artistic and other communities within (and beyond) digital cultural production.

The main focus is how to respond "artistically" in the city landscape of Berlin by creating a visible network of cultural agents, artists, activists, etc. The list is an opportunity to collectively imagine distributed artistic initiatives, able to intervene within - and to reflect on - the current economical and political framework of the Berlin art scene.

We think that beside the critical moment - which we are experiencing not only in the city, but in the whole Europe - in Berlin something is moving. Since some time there have been many collective initiatives oriented to redistribute equally the creative capital in the city, to generate "a production and use of space that is both collective and egalitarian" (quoting for example the Haben und Brauchen Manifesto), and to work towards the creation of network-based associations able to make a visible presence in the city.

Since the responsibility of many of us is also related to imagine and transfer into practice a critical approach on art production, how would it actually be possible to answer "artistically" to the present difficult political/economical situation? This question is related to a conception of art which is not working outside of social and political engagement, therefore opening "art" to a various and hybrid amount of practices /and interventions.

We would like to proceed towards this direction, with the hope that other ideas and occasions of sharing will come, via this mailing-list but also independently from us. We invite artists, cultural producers, hackers, activists, and gender-situated communities active in the city of Berlin and in the broader field of net culture - regionally and internationally - to co-develop experiences, experimentation and reflection.

The main language of the mailing list is English.


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Image: Vittore Baroni, Organic Tree of Networking, 1992