Rena Tangens

Rena Tangens

Photo credit: Veit Mette

Rena Tangens (born in Bielefeld) is a German member of the data protection movement. She is also an Internet pioneer and an artist focussing on medial art. In 1984, together with padeluun she started the art project Art d’Ameublement, inspired by Erik Satie. In 1988, she and Barbara Thoens founded dieHaeksen, a collaborative of the female members of the Chaos Computer Club. From 1989 on, she worked on the Message-Handling-System ZERBERUS and the BIONIC-MailBox. She is co-founder and head of FoeBuD e.V. in Bielefeld, curator of the monthly culture and technology event series Public Domain and co-organiser of the BigBrotherAwards. In 2004, Rena Tangens and padeluun received the prize of the “evolutionäre zellen”. In 2007, she held an artistic scholarshop of the federal state of Northrhine Westphalia. Rena Tangens lives and works in Bielefeld and is a honorary member of the Chaos Computer Club. She supports the surveillance-critical data protection demonstration Freiheit statt Angst.

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