LED PH16 /1R1G1B

Festival edition: 
courtesy JODI
courtesy JODI

An LED panel consists of small light-emitting diodes and can be programmed to display all sorts of images, moving or still, of such intensity they can be seen even in daylight. In recent years this quality, which makes them an extremely effective means for visual communication, has been exploited by companies as well as artists operating in urban space. The Las Vegas Strip, Time Square, and Tokyo are well-known examples of this trend but they are only the beginning of a more extensive spread, a take-over of LED displays. Because the technology is becoming cheaper and more advanced predictions say that LED displays will soon be the primary visual surface in urban space. In 10 years, no more wall paintings, no more posters. Instead millions of miniature light sources producing ultra sharp imagery aimed directly at the retina of the public. LED PH16 /1R1G1B by the duo JODI is a demonstration of the LED technology and the strong imprint they make on eyes, bodies and spaces.


Image: Courtesy JODI


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