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transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL

What do the futures of work, play and life look like through the black mirror of data? How will our quantified lives unfold? transmediale 2015 looked at how we make sense of a culture dependent on measurement and automation procedures, and how to act with autonomy within such a culture. The festival presented artistic responses and speculative scenarios as well as critical thinking on processes of gamification, quantification, ubiquitous networking and algorithmic control and their ways of making the spheres of everyday life, work and play increasingly indistinguishable. transmediale offered a diverse international programme of exhibitions, screenings, conference events, workshops and performances with participants from many different disciplines.


Festival design 2015

The CAPTURE ALL design follows up the idea of the former festival edition (afterglow, 2014) – just playing it harder, rather overcomplex. By creating a hypothetic CAPTURE ALL brand/movement, of whichever nature, the design speaks in different syllables: political associations, military feel, sporty touch and postutopian nature fantasies. Overall rather techy as well as commercial with a light asian flavor. #PERFECTION

Reference jungle CAPTURE ALL:

The Hexagon
The archetypical form of the Hexagon appears in several fields which connect to the festival theme.
1. The strongest contemporary reference of the hexagon is its use in popular sport/fashion. A symbol for performance & strength. 
2. Obviously the link to nature is given as well (bee sting), which works quite well in the post-utopian world of CAPTURE ALL.
3. Not to forget the aperture of a camera, which seems to be hexagonal as well.




The Waterfall
The waterfall stands as a picture for the endless stream of data. In asian mythology it is used quite a lot, loaded with the idea of power and beauty.

The Camouflage
transmediale asks for strategies to prevent the total quantification of life: the CAPTURE ALL situation. The design reflects this idea of hiding information (etc.) by using subtly camou-details.

The Typeface
Two typeface decisions create the CAPTURE ALL look.
1. The CAPTURE ALL typelogo is inspired by science fiction movie titles as well as chinese letters (outline style). The aim was to let it look like an evil company.
2. To enhance the sporty feeling we used Helvetica Extended which actually gives a strong power move to the whole design (see especially the layout of the magazine)

The Logo
The logo of this issue (arrow pointing to the right top) is a symbiosis of the WIFI icon and a bow & arrow (association to hero cult). 


The CAPTURE ALL copytext was developed in cooperation with artist Hanne Lippard. By using and playing with catch phrases of our quantified life the festival theme became more definite, created the narrative by tracing back the keywords to daily phenomena.

The festival trailer was probably the most successfull communication tool. Together with video director Martin Kohout, writer Hanne Lippard and composer Giacomo Gianetta, The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger created a strange CAPTURE ALL vision.

Festival design by The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger

Festival architecture 2015 by raumlaborberlin

Festival architecture 2015

For transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL, raumlaborberlin have created a hexagon based, spatial structure that occupies both the foyer and exhibition hall.

The hexagon has been since the antiquity a symbol for harmony. In this context a grid of hexagons physicalise the otherwise invisible data sampling which we permit though our daily digital encounters, but at the same time remain critical too. The installation will exemplify this disharmony and though multiple layers of fences and translucency impose the feeling of being captivated.The structure which consists of regular fence elements is partly flexible. Spaces can change according to the use, and openings be modulated or closed. While a deformation of the grid will spatialise the contradiction of involuntarily accepting to be down sampled.

Team of raumlaborberlin: Francsco Apuzzo, Andrea Hofmann, Axel Timm with Claire Mothais and Christopher Fischlein, Nina Peters

Impression of "Datafied Research: Capture Things"
Picture of Jordan Crandall, Benjamin H. Bratton, Tiziana Terranova, Jussi Parikka and Ryan Bishop (left to right) at "The Post-Planetary Design: A Speculative Sense"
Picture of Ryan Bishop, Tobias Revell, Sarah Kember and Stephen Graham (left to right) at "Predict & Command Cities of Smart Control"
Picture of "Machine Knitting Workshop" with Sam Meech
Impression of "Enclosures of Toxicity"
Impression of "Follow the Money", workshop by and with City Fables Group
Impression of transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL
Impression of the transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL Opening Night

Festival echo

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