festival edition 2023 – job opportunities
Project Manager Programme (~5 months, 40h/weekly)
Product Manager digital (6 months, 32h/weekly)
Internship communications and festival production (3 months, 40h/weekly)
Student’s job social media and communications (6 months, ~12h/weekly)

Our understanding of the world exists in fictional and algorithmic logics creating divergent realities that oscillate in and out of sync with one another. From microscopic biomedical imaging, to widespread entertainment, to discreet surveillance technologies, the tools created to measure, map and ultimately dominate the ways we understand our surroundings are based on technical conditions of perception.

As climate and socio-economic crises emerge across different spaces and times, their interrelations are becoming increasingly opaque, yet urgent to grasp. How might scale, one of the tools with which we have come to know the world, be reimagined? And in what way can scale become a lens to observe, measure, question, and rebuild our perceptions, feelings, democratic processes, and technological infrastructures?

We are pleased to announce the residents for the two new transmediale residency programmes that explore how scale impacts technological conditions. The residency programmes are in collaboration with the Ministry of the Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile and DIRAC - Division for Cultures, Arts, Heritage and Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile and Pro Helvetia. The selected residents are:

transmediale Residency in collaboration with Chile
Water Cybernetics I: (de)Appropriation Doctrine Antonia Hernández

In Water Cybernetics I: (de)Appropriation Doctrine, Antonia Hernández investigates the possibilities of liquid governance through a speculative scenario where water and its physical states (solid, liquid, and gaseous) act as a (hydro)common body with a set of constitutional rights. In collaboration with Berlin-based artist and researcher Laura Cugusi.

La Orejona Records Nicole L’Huillier

In La Orejona Records Nicole L’Huillier works with sound, vibrations, and resonances to explore the poetics of sonic unintelligibility. The project asks what hegemonic modes of listening can be challenged and what forms of relations emerge when thinking through vibrations?

Líneas de Poder ***///*** Powerlines Elisa Balmaceda

In Líneas de Poder ***///*** Powerlines, Elisa Balmaceda explores Andean phenomenology through cosmic, planetary, and telluric alignments, and their connections with contemporary energetic extractive economies.

Digital Art Residency in collaboration with Pro Helvetia
see also fantastic little splash

In see also fantastic little splash (Lera Malchenko and Oleksandr Hants) explore how the effects of the mass circulation of imagery, and the techno-ecological conditions of the war in Ukraine have created a fragile yet necessary form of collectivity.

CAON - control and optimize nature Marc Lee

In CAON – control and optimise nature, Marc Lee explores alternative cartographic scales to challenge techno-solutionist approaches to addressing climate collapse and species depletion.

Nonscalar Transmission Mark Cinkevich and Anna Engelhardt

In Nonscalar Transmission, Mark Cinkevich and Anna Engelhardt examine how the non-scalability of electricity offers insight into the energy colonial politics of Russia. Simone C Niquille

In, Simone C Niquille interrogates the technical and socio-political implications of the shifts in vision technology through the trials and tribulations of CGI production.

Open Call for Festival Contributions transmediale 2023

Thanks to everyone who applied to the Open Call for Festival Contributions! We received over 800 submissions that reflected a diverse range of perspectives on the open call. Please note that shortlisted projects will be contacted directly by the curators by October 2022. Not considered projects won’t receive any further notifications. ฅ ฅ

art & digital culture

transmediale creates a space for critical reflection on cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective. For over thirty years, the annual festival for art and digital culture has been bringing together international artists, researchers, activists, and thinkers with the goal of developing new outlooks on our technological era through the entanglement of different genres and curatorial approaches.

Beyond the yearly event, transmediale is a transversal, dynamic platform that facilitates regular publications and year-round activities including commissions and artist residencies. Since 2021 and for the first time in the festival’s history, transmediale owns a public project space - transmediale studio at silent green Kulturquartier - hosting different event formats and a study space throughout the year.

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The festival has been funded as a cultural institution of excellence by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation) since 2004.

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