E-Waste Workshop

Thu 31.01.
Thu 31.01.
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Using e-waste as raw material, the workshop offers participants to become familiar with basic circuit bending, hardware and software hacking/recycling while gaining hands-on experience making an interactive art project at the same time.
By re-purposing second-hand hardware or cheap toys into unique devices, the idea is to start from scratch and create a completely new project by the end of the workshop, from concept, design, and electronics to interfacing.
Participants engage with various circuit-bending techniques and (when needed) explore hardware hacking and programming with Arduino, Max/Msp, Pure Data or Processing.The workshop is open to participants from different backgrounds, and no programming or electronic skills are required.

This workshop is part of ReFunct Media #5, a collaborative project initiated by Benjamin Gaulon with Karl Klomp, Tom Verbruggen, Gijs Gieskes (with special guests for the transmediale edition: Phillip Stearns and Peter Edwards).

Participation in the workshop with pre-registration only.

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