transmediale Archive

In our online transmediale archive, you can find photos, videos, websites, publications and more content of past festivals. transmediale also has a physical archive, which provides insights into 28 years of media art and digital culture. On the basis of this, we were part of DCA (Digitising Contemporary Art), a project funded by the European Commission, comprising 25 partners from 10 EU member states and 2 associated countries. The goal was to initiate a significant increase in the presence of contemporary art in the online database Europeana, the single access point to Europe’s cultural heritage. With the co-funding of the European Commission, the DCA project aimed to create high-quality digital reproductions and assure the long-term preservation of and online access to such reproductions and their data. transmediale participated and contributed from 2011 until 2013; the results of this digitisation process will gradually be brought online.