CoS Workshop 2: Space

Fri 04.02.
Fri 04.02.
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Communication technologies not only altered our perception of space but also evoke a sense of global connectivity. NeRVi (NeoRealismo Virtuale, engl. Virtual NeoRealism), a term coined by Iaconesi and Persico, describes this condition of ubiquity, where multiple realities are produced and remixed by location-based technologies and augmented reality. Space becomes a map of personal narratives. In the workshop we will use smartphones and a geographic information system to create an augmented reality narrative across the city of Berlin.



The five CoS workshops Space, Time, Emotion and Identity (part 1 & 2) for a maximum of 15 participants are aimed at encouraging the festival visitors to actively contribute to the CoS live stream. Each will follow a hands-on approach to the themes investigated through CoS. All of them will address the way in which communication technologies and network processes have altered our perception of time and space, the constitution of identites and ways to express, experience, propagate and observe emotions.


Technical note for the workshops:

People wishing to attend are asked to bring their PCs, laptops or smartphones, however, they can also participate without. Tools will be provided that work on operating systems such as Windows and OSX, but in order to experience the full set of activities Linux-powered devices are recommended. 



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