As an informal and open-ended offshoot of transmediale/resource, the resource network aims at building a community related to technology based arts and digital culture in Berlin. Its nature can be understood as rather fluid and not formally organized. It provides an important input to transmediale’s and CTM’s annual pre-festival program Vorspiel, which presents a wide range of partner events across Berlin.

Since its formation in 2011, the open network creates a meeting ground for artists, curators, activists, and anyone interested in the interconnections between art, technology, and politics. Common meetings offer an occasion to come together, discuss, and organize.

Apart from that, the network takes form through a mailing list (resource-net), which is open for anyone to join. This list mostly comprises conversations between different transmediale affiliated spaces and people in Berlin and internationally. It does not only present the opportunity to collectively imagine distributed artistic initiatives, but also the chance to intervene within—and to reflect on—the current economic and political framework of the Berlin art scene. For that reason, the mailing list in itself can be understood as a resource for sharing ideas and information, as well as for coordinating events and people.

The main language of the mailing list is English.