Dulling Down – The Obsolescence of Intelligence

05.02.2017 14:00
Festival edition: 

Moderated by Inke Arns

Is the drive toward Artificial Intelligence progressing to more intelligent systems? Or is it only stumbling towards an increasingly stupid crapularity, understood as the networked malfunctioning of data and code? However we might consider AI, AI doesn't care about our understanding of it. Instead, AI relentlessly learns and processes our actions alongside a myriad of other inputs, undertaking new forms of surveillance, designed to actively intervene in the world. This “alien” form of intelligence produces alternate realities based on pattern recognition criteria, and are controlled by algorithms that choose what to see, amplify, and ignore. Taking a stance in opposition to most pattern recognition software, artist Constant Dullaart developed DullDream together with Adam Harvey, a software that reduces rather than amplifies specific characteristics of forms, effectively “dulling down” reality. Presenting DullDream as a case study, this panel discusses new formats for intervention in the status quo of AI, as well as poetic, artistic research approaches to alternate artificial worlds.