R15N & Technologies of Miscommunication

Fri 03.02.
Fri 03.02.
hkw k2

Workshop/Discussion on the project by Dmyrti Kleiner (ca/de), Baruch Gottlieb (ca/de) and the Telekommunisten Network


R15N is an artwork in the form of an experimental phone service which generates community engagement and communication. Unlike group emails or typical social networks, where communication happens all at once, R15N works through the unpredictable co-operation of a heterogeneous community. The R15N project continues the Miscommunication Technologies series of works, following deadSwap (2009), and Thimbl (2010). Miscommunication Technologies employ satire and emphasise simplicity and human interactions over technological sophistication, creating platforms that work in unexpected ways. Miscommunication Technologies uncover the social relations embedded in network topologies. In this workshop Dmytri Kleiner and Baruch Gottlieb from the Telekommunisten Network will introduce the R15N system, try it out together with the participants, and discuss and explore possible real world applications.


Workshop: R15N & Technologies of Miscommunication by Dmytri Kleiner, Baruch Gottlieb + The Telekommunisten Network

Dates: Friday Feb 3, 15.00-18.00 

Maximum number of participants: 25
Workshop language: English




(Image: R15N, a project by Telekommunisten. Graphic by Jonas Frankki.)


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R15N, a project by Telekommunisten. Graphic by Jonas Frankki.
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