transmediale parcours 1 - CONSPIRE

Conspire Cover
Conspire Cover

transmediale parcours 1
Stephen Kovats, Thomas Munz (eds.)
© Copyright: 2008
248 pages, German/English

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ISBN 978-3-86588-461-9

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The transmediale parcours makes its debut as a 'pilot' publication with CONSPIRE. transmediale's programme booklets have established themselves over the festival’s twenty year history as a widely sought after index of contemporary digital, media and technology based art and culture. Expanding upon this tradition the 'transmediale parcours' has been launched to reflect upon the research as well as artistic and critical background behind the particular year's theme. As a parcours the edition is meant to sketch a conceptually meandering path through the festival's various segments and as such exists as a stand alone publication with its own character, content and style.


transmediale parcours 1: The speculative mechanisms of conspiracy theories have fueled global events long before ARPANET, the Internet`s clandestine military-academic predecessor. Succumbing to our yearnings for mystery, desire and unpredictability, conspiracy is a human condition crossing all cultural and epochal boundaries. This first transmediale parcours threads a series of text contributions, found documents, and original art works together, tracing a contemporary conspiratorial discourse through art and digital culture.