transmediale Award 2009 - winners

Graham Harwood, Richard Wright and Matsuko Yokokoji from Great Britain received the first prize (endowed with 5,000 euros). Their installation Tantalum Memorial is a memorial to the people who have died in the wars in Congo over the metal coltan, which is used in cell phone components and has become more valuable than gold. The work also references to a 'social telephony' network used by the Congelese diaspora.

The two second prizes (1,500 euros each) go to the Berlin based US-American artist Reynold Reynolds for his split-screen video installation which shows the life of six people in their apartments, isolated and unaware of each other (Six Apartments) and to Rudolfo Quintas from Portugal for his interactive sound performance Burning The Sound about the nature of rituals, power and control.

> Tantalum Memorial @Award Ceremony
> Tantalum Memorial interview
> Six Apartments @Award Ceremony
> Burning the Sound @Award Ceremony


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