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Valentina Karga during her 30 Days in the Garden experiment in 2012.

Tessa Zettel delves into the world of artists Valentina Karga and Pieterjan Grandry—a world where “value” is far beyond an economic term, and where capitalism is seen for what it really is: a gigantic blob of jelly.

Everything is jelly now
Air, clouds, us
The jelly is the material out of which the immaterial world is made
and we are moving towards exhaustion

- Notes by Nefeli Myrodia, edited by Valentina Karga, on The Gigantic Jelly-Blob performance

Unmaking_Kit, transmediale/conversationpiece

When the Critical Media Lab was invited to stage one of the many “conversation pieces” of transmediale, the researchers from the Lab along with a host of collaborators organized the workshop Unmaking: 5 Anxieties. A special set of “concept cards” with five “suits” of anxieties served as prompts for the wide-ranging discussion on making and maker culture—summarized and reflected upon here in a collaborative text by the participants.

George Barris, the famous “kustom” car builder and designer, hot-rodding a 1946-48 mercury coupe. (Source: Custom Car Chronicle)

The keynote conversation of the Anxious to Make stream at transmediale invited Kazys Varnelis and Jutta Weber to reflect on the messy and contentious evolution of “maker culture” and its constituent prosumers. Here, curator Helen Kaplinsky responds to the discussion, finding one subject missing from the debate: the non-human.

Still from "Where the City Can't See" by Liam Young. Courtesy of Liam Young.

Liam Young in conversation with George Kafka

On opening night of transmediale 2016, the speculative architect Liam Young gave what he calls a “Live Cinema Performance” called Hello, City! at the HKW. Writer George Kafka interviewed Young about the performance and about the cities of the future that Young envisions and portrays.

The 1970 experiment SEEK by the Architecture Machine Group. Photo from the catal

How and why has the laboratory persisted as a site of invention and systemization of knowledge throughout the last century? This question was the focus of “The Persistence of the Lab,” a panel discussion that took place during transmediale/conversationpiece with Jussi Parikka, Ryan Bishop, John Beck, and Lori Emerson. For her presentation Emerson, who is founding director of the Media Archaeology Lab in Colorado, spoke about the history, future, and the history of the future itself at MIT’s famous media lab. The following is the text of this talk, which will also eventually find its way into THE LAB BOOK.

Corn Refiners Association Inc Trade Association

Brian Holmes on the work of Steven Rowell
by Brian Holmes

On opening night of conversationpiece, artist Steve Rowell presented his work Parallelograms in the HKW auditorium, accompanied by an essay by writer Brian Holmes. The essay, presented here in full, provides deep insight into both Rowell’s work and the global conditions to which it reacts.


conversationpiece transforms into a conversationblog
by Elvia Wilk

Embracing the spirit of conversation fostered during transmediale's 2016 edition, the festival website has now transformed into a publishing platform for ongoing reflections, reactions, and discussions, which will continue throughout the year. As a conversation starter to launch this new format, editor Elvia Wilk asks: what happens when an organization like transmediale takes on the problematics of what it means to organize?