Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba

Portrait of Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba is an artist with a particular interest in film and the ways it articulates space, placing the work, and the viewer in a new relationship. Questions of composition, physicality of form, and plasticity play an important role in the perception of her work. She interrogates the industry of cinema with respect to various forms of staging, such as gesture, genre, information, and documents, taking them out of the context in which they are normally seen and reshaping and representing them anew.
Her film works are situated between experimental documentary and fictional narrative and are indeterminately situated in time. They often focus on natural landscapes and man-made interventions into the environment and probe into the relationship of historical record, personal anecdote, and filmic representation, creating spaces of memory and uncertainty, more legible as reassuring myth than the unstable reality they represent.

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