Jennifer Kamau

Jennifer Kamau


Jennifer Kamau is a Berlin-based activist and researcher. She is one of the initiators of the International Women Space, which is a network of (former) asylum seekers and migrants that fosters solidarity and collaboration, produces books, organizes campaigns and conferences on the issues of asylum seekers and migrants. This network emerged from the "famous" occupation of the Oranienplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg some years ago, as a feminist response to the predominantly male concerns of the insurgent refugees. Most recently Kamau co-organised "When I came to Germany" (2017), a two-day conference focusing on the experiences of women who came to West Germany as guest workers, to East Germany as contract workers, as migrants, and refugees to the reunified Germany and of German women who are affected by racism. Recent publications include In Our Own Words. Refugee Women in Germany Tell Their Stories (2015).

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