Jasmijn Visser

Jasmijn Visser

Portrait of Jasmijn Visser

Jasmijn Visser is a Dutch/German artist who lives in Utrecht & Berlin and works on the intersection of art, writing, research, and design. She has a deeply rooted fascination with the structural foundation of contemporary society and geopolitical conflicts. Her projects comprise long-term (on-site) research and interdisciplinary collaboration, exploring narrative patterns and geopolitical aesthetics, often related to (post-)conflict sites. The results of the research form the building blocks through which Visser constructs a field of tensions: demonstrating the complexity of an issue, as well as its contingency and absurdity. She recently finalised her Conflict Atlas: Geopolitics and Contingencies on the Malvinas-Falklands Archipelago in collaboration with Metahaven. This publication was launched in January 2017, accompanied by the solo exhibition Modern Candor: The Struggle for the Falklands Islands/Islas Malvinas at the Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam. The London launch of Conflict Atlas took place at Whitechapel Gallery London with the event Climate Control, in collaboration with Culture + Conflict.

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