Optofonica Capsule

Optofonica Capsule


The Optofonica Capsule creates a futuristic context for experiencing moving image and sound. It is both a visionary design object and an immersive environment in which a visitor can select from a programme of audiovisual works made by international artists and curated by TeZ. The shelllike shape of the capsule enfolds the body of the visitor to optimise the experience of surround and tactile sound. Low frequencies are fed through a specially constructed floor, directly into the human body, thereby converting the sound into hyper-perceivable vibration. The five panels of the capsule’s helmet are made from a specific material which reproduces the surround sound without any use of traditional speakers. A flat screen envelopes the visual field of the visitor. Individual artworks can be selected by means of a touch interface.

This highly technologically augmented audiovisual space suggests a future whereby our existing passive tropes of experiencing moving image and sound, have been upgraded substantially. One is reminded of the Phantoscope – an immersive audiovisual computer-operable display system Neal Stephenson described in his novel The Diamond Age.

Created in collaboration with Janis Pönisch.

The programme of audiovisual works is also documented in a DVD released by LINE label in November 2009.

Supported by Mondriaan Stichting (Mondriaan Foundation)


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