Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoji Ikeda


Japan’s leading electronic composer/artist, Ryoji Ikeda, has been hailed by critics as one of the most radical and innovative contemporary composers for his live performances, sound installations and album releases.

His albums +/- (1996), 0°C (1998), matrix (2000), op (2002; all Touch), data.plex (2005) and test pattern (2008; both raster-noton) pioneered a new minimal world of electronic music, employing sine waves, electronic sounds, and white noise. Using computer and digital technologies to the utmost limit, his audiovisual performance test pattern (2008) and concerts datamatics (2006 – present), C4I (2004 – 2007) and formula (2000 – 2006) suggest a unique orientation for our future multimedia environment and culture.

His ongoing body of work, datamatics, is a long-term programme of moving image, sculptural, sound and new media works that use data as their theme and material to explore the ways in which abstracted views of reality – data – are used to encode, understand and control the world. In April 2009, Ikeda presented his largest solo show to date at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. The catalogue provides a history of Ikeda’s work to date.

In 2001, Ikeda was awarded the Ars Electronica Golden Nica prize in the digital music category and he was short-listed for a World Technology Award in 2003.

Ryoji Ikeda is represented worldwide by Forma Arts and Media Ltd.

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