Graffiti Analysis / Graffiti Markup Language

Graffiti Analysis / Graffiti Markup Language

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Graffiti Analysis is a free open source project and ongoing study in the motion of graffiti. It consists of custom software designed for graffiti writers which creates visualisations of the often unseen gestures involved in the creation of a tag by recording, analysing and archiving the motion data as specially designed Graffiti Markup Language files.

Graffiti writers are invited to capture and share their tags online, and computer programmers are invited to create new applications and visualisations from the data. This has resulted in over 10 000 tags being uploaded since the launch of the site and in addition dozens of compatible applications have been built. The project aims to build the world's largest collection of graffiti motion and bring together communities that share an interest in hacking systems, whether in code or in the city.


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