PNEUMAtic circUS [ongoing]

PNEUMAtic circUS [ongoing]

29.01.2013 20:30
Festival format
HKW - Foyer

It's alive!
See a giant OCTOpodous kinetic sculpture rattle and shake at the speed of light!


It's alive!
See a giant OCTOpodous kinetic sculpture rattle and shake at the speed of light!
Join a scrambled retro-futuristic social network where everyone really IS a star!
Perform a piece of PNEUMA (soul) from over a hundred international mail artists!
Expose yourself in the circUS arena by interacting with distant networkers: the circUS is US!?

It's easy!
A) Request a PNEUMAtic circUS capSOULe from our Central Bureau by simply following the instructions at the PNEUMAtic circUS stations.
B) A random capSOULe will be soon delivered to you in a basket at this OCTO station. Open it and extract the art materials and instruction forms provided by the author.
C) Follow the instructions and perform the capSOULe, staying inside the circUS ring of this OCTO station. To be informed of the accessibility to this project's documentation, you are welcome to leave your contact information on the back of the instructions sheet inside the capSOULe, using the rubber stamp provided.
D) Put all the materials back into the capSOULe, close it and leave it on the station desk for other users, or for OCTO staff to return it to the Central Bureau.

PNEUMAtic circUS is a project of NETWORKED ART powered by OCTO, curated by Vittore Baroni.

With the collaboration of the PNEUMAtic CircUS system “supervisors”: Lutz Wohlrab, Karla Sachse, Tatiana Villani, Manuel Perna, Topsy Qur'et and Theis Vallø Madsen.

PNEUMAtic circUS is active every day. For further information, ask our OCTO Central Bureau at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.


PNEUMAtic circUS Opening Times:
Tuesday 29 January: 20.30-22.00
Wednesday, 30 January: 15:00–17:00 & 18:00–20:00
Thursday, 31 January: 15:00–17:00 & 18:00–20:00
Friday, 1 February: 16:00–21:00 with breaks
Saturday, 2 February: 16:00–21:00 with breaks
Sunday, 3 February: 14:00–19:00 with breaks


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