Jamie Wilkinson

Jamie Wilkinson

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Jamie Wilkinson (aka Jamie Dubs) is a technologist, hacker, and Internet culture researcher interested in open-source, viral media, decentralized systems and studying the online attention economy.

Wilkinson is currently head of research & development at Rocketboom, where he created the Know Your Meme web series and Internet meme database, selected as one of TIME Magazine's Top 50 Websites of 2009. More recently he's built & launched Mag.ma, an Internet video aggregator and viral video tracking system.

Previously, Wilkinson taught the Internet Famous class in Parsons MFA Design & Technology program, the first algorithmically graded course in the history of academics. He is also a founding member of the copyleft Free Art & Technology Lab (F.A.T.) where he has released numerous open-source projects, including FuckFlickr, Add-Art, the Rickroll Database and the Kanye Rant Detector.

His work has been featured on NBC, TIME Magazine, CNN, CurrentTV, the New York Times and more.


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