OCTO P7C-1 Product Demonstration

OCTO P7C-1 Product Demonstration

02.02.2013 15:00
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Location: HKW Central Foyer

Es ist der Insider-Tipp des Jahres für Investoren: OCTO! Totale Kontrolle der Kommunikation.

Location: HKW Central Foyer


OCTO announces official launch of P7C-1 at the transmediale 2013


The investors' insider tip of the year: OCTO!


Total communications control with unprecedented ease of implementation. Invisible and pervasive, totally centralized and optimized for unlimited marketing applications and collection of user data.


Visitors to transmediale have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be amongst the first to discover the next paradigm-changing technology. Besides having a chance to get in on the “ground floor” as early investors, visitors are all potential OCTO subscribers and end-users. Transmediale visitors experience the amazing OCTO P7C-1 system.


PNEUMAtic circUS is a groundbreaking project by an international mail-art network — early adopters of the OCTO platform. Projects such as PNEUMAtic circUS, represent a vast quantity of no-cost, user-motivated consumer value drawing attention to the service and even helping develop new commercial implementations and products for the service.


OCTO CEO Octavia Allende-Freedman presents the features of the new P7C-1 system and exciting investment prospects, together with members of the Telekommunisten collective: Dmytri Kleiner, Baruch Gottlieb, Jeff Mann and Jonas Frankki.


More info:

> telekommunisten.net/octo


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