Laboratoire Déberlinisation


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Laboratoire Deberlinisation was founded in Berlin in 2001 by Mansour Ciss Kanakassy with Baruch Gottlieb and Christian Hanussek to problematize the borders drawn up in Berlin in 1884-1885(Kongokonference) and the ramifications of these which extend to today.  Laboratoire
Deberlinisation produces through what  Leopold Sédar Senghor called
"métissage culturel et biologique" physical real-world manifestations
of utopian visions of an Africa prosperous, at peace, with sovereignty over its resources and its future.

Laboratoire Deberlinisation has exhibited and presented throughout
Europe and 3 times at the Dakar Biennale, the 2008 edition of which
Mansour Ciss was awarded first prize.

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