Diann Bauer & Patricia Reed (Laboria Cuboniks)

Diann Bauer & Patricia Reed (Laboria Cuboniks)

Laboria Cuboniks

Laboria Cuboniks is a polymorphous xenofeminist collective comprised of 6 women across 5 countries, working in collaboration online to redefine a feminism adequate to the twenty-first century. As an anagram of the “Nicolas Bourbaki” group of twentieth century French mathematicians, Cuboniks also advances an affirmation of abstraction as an epistopolitical necessity for twenty-first century claims on equality. Espousing reason and vigorous anti-naturalism, she seeks to dismantle gender implicitly. Cuboniks is a multi-taloned, tetra-headed creature uncomfortably navigating the fields of art, design, architecture, archeology, philosophy, techno-feminism, sexuality studies, digital music, translation, writing, and regular experiments with the use of evolutionary algorithms in offensive cybersecurity.

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