AAA is a collective utilizing video-game engines, web technology, performance, public events and lectures to explore topics of labor, collaboration and culture building. Consisting of ten members based in Berlin, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the collective’s work seeks to interface with a variety of institutional, genre and art form systems. Their work has been presented and performed in the context of art shows, video-game festivals, and film, academic and animation events. AAA seeks to create resonance between the production, themes and distribution of its works - the process and structures surrounding the creation of the work is a key element of the AAA project. Since 2015 AAA has been curating aaartgames, a public community event at Spektrum Berlin with a focus on investigating video-games, virtual worlds, experimental computer-generated imagery and their intersection with art and culture.

The workshop will be facilitated by AAA members Troy Duguid, Chloe Langford and Merle Leufgen.

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