Critical Consumer Practice Part 2

Sat, 31.01.2009
Jan 31.01.

Eléonore Hellio, Dicoco Boketshu (Kinshasa), Dominique Malaquais, Thomas Lucas (Berlin) / MOWOSO - Mikili Way
In times of a world-at-war, dominated by ignorance, postcolonial policy and prejudice there may be little room on Planet Earth for exchange. Mikili is a live videosonic interface, a space wherein identities defragment in unexpected ways as means of survival. Our purpose? To connect Berlin's transmediale to bits, pieces, (de)fragments of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Condensed bits through which MOWOSO, a Kinshasa based transmediatic art collective, will become, for a time, manifest by way of a screen, fictitious and fictionmaking, defying the global satellites that orbit 'our' world via a brief moment of human interaction.

Special guest: Jaromil discussing Coltan and Blood (see award)

Tantalum Memorial
The installation is a memorial to the more than 3 million people who have perished in the complex wars that have gone on in the Congo since 1998.
(See exhibition and award)