Watch the video documentation of the reSource 001 event!


If you did not have the chance to be present at the reSource 001: Trial Crack, we have some good news! Here you can watch all the panels that were part of the programme. The videos are the result of a partnership between reSource transmedial culture berlin and the Artistic Bokeh Research, an initiative that works on the format of „documentation“ as an essential part of reflecting, presenting and structuring knowledge in the field that was previously known as “New Media Arts”. The group is intertwined with the project Artistic Technology Research at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.
The reSource 001:Trial Crack took place on May 11-12 at General Public, Berlin, involving artists, hackers, and gender-situated communities in three different but conceptually linked discussions: “Sustainable Disruption”, “Post Privacy” and “Queer Shifts”. Click here to see the full programme.
The panel on Sustainable Disruption reflected on the status of capitalism in a time of crisis, proposing both critical, playful and sustainable alternatives by intervening directly within economical and political systems.
First part with Rasa Smite (LV) and Philip Horst (DE). Moderated by Clemens Apprich (DE).
Second part with Alexander Müller (DE) and Georgios Papadopoulos (GR). Moderated by Oliver-Lerone Schutz (DE).
The Post Privacy panel reflected on the problematic of openness towards data protection, as a consequence of the contemporary economy of user-generated contents.
First part with "tante"/ Jürgen Geuter (DE) and "mspro"/Michael Seeman (DE), from the sub-movement of the "datenschutzkritische Spackeria"/"the privacy criticizing Spackeria". Moderated by Gregor Sedlag/c-base (DE).
Second part with Julian Oliver (NZ/DE) and Danja Vasiliev (RU/DE) of the artistic group Weise 7. Moderated by Tatiana Bazzichelli (IT/DE).
Third part common discussion that followed the presentations. 

The Queer Shifts /Sliding visions into queer Berlin panel focused on the public adventures in the space-time travel of identity deconstruction, that enter into the a-critical use of the 'community' concept, the role of the new world migrants as shifters/shiftees and the description of “queer” as a market identities’ crystallisation.
Panel With: Lena Braun (DE) / Gallery Su de Coucou; Walter Crasshole (USA/DE) /Exberliner; Danilo Rosato (IT/DE) and Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena (IT/DE) /Homopatik. Moderated by Francesco "Warbear" Macarone Palmieri (IT/DE).
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