V2_Agency & NIMk Distribution

Mirror Piece @ NABI art center
Mirror Piece @ NABI art center

The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk, Amsterdam) and V2_Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam) join forces to introduce their dissemination and distribution services for media art. Both NIMk and V2_ are known for their long-term experience in presentation, research and development of media art, and have been engaged for nearly 30 years in actively supporting media artists. In 2010, V2_ launched the V2_Agency which facilitates the distribution of media artworks and expands the institution’s role of a platform for the research, production, presentation and archiving of media art. NIMk builds forth on its existing distribution collection of video works and media installations, varying from the earliest experiments in media art to recent productions. It now extends its distribution services with a broader selection of computer-based works. NIMk Distribution and V2_Agency collaborated on the production of a shared catalogue of represented artworks. To celebrate the release of this catalogue, and to present both distribution initiatives to an international audience, NIMk and V2_ are invited to transmediale.11 to curate a small showcase of artworks from their catalogue.


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