unMonastery, a place-based social innovation, addresses the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence. unMonastery is a non-profit project that aims to challenge existing dependency chains and economic fictions, developed in collaboration with EdgeRyders, a distributed think-tank wielding collective intelligence.

At transmediale:
Helen Kaplinsky, Maurice Carlin, Jay Springett, Vinay Gupta, Arthur Doohan, Noel Hatch, Mathew Trivett, Elina Makri, James Lane, Bembo Davies, Ben Vickers, elf Pavlik, Dorotea Mar, James Lewis, Juliana Maria van Hemelryck, Katalin Hausel, Kei Kreutler, Lauren Lapidge, Lucia Caistor, Luisa Lapacciana, Maria Byck, Muhammad Khaleel Jaffer, Nadia EL-Imam, Brian Degger, Jeff Andreoni, Noemi Salantiu, Anna Zett, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Annika Kuhlmann, Ola Moller

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Festival edition: