Triple Feature by Fair Use

Sun, 06.02.2011
Feb 06.02.
HKW Hall

Fair Use looks at our accelerating culture through the electronic performance and remixing of cinema, presenting classic films through time compression and audio and visual manipulation. They use the picture and soundtrack of culturally significant movies, drastically compressed in time, as the sole materials for an improvised set which interrogates our cinematic memories through frenetic audiovisual processing and re-narration of the cinematic object. As their performances unfold, the trio evokes their own memories and impressions of the film through a highly subjective lens, lingering on iconic moments, massively collapsing long sequences into mere seconds, and revealing structures that normally pass too slowly to see.

Fair Use will be performing a triple feature, investigating three aspects of establishment of the self in an unknown universe. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is cast into a cinematically synthetic space inhabited by manifold facsimiles of the black and white world of Kansas: an endless repetition of herself that must ultimately be rejected for the realities of human contact over the virtual.

Snow White is algorithmically reedited in real time to reveal the pressures of self-abjection in an exile that exchanges the servitude of the family to the servitude of the virtual community. In 2001, the new self is born in silence, a creation of forces beyond our control or comprehension, with unknown potential in an unknown world.