Tue, 01.02.2011
Feb 01.02.
Special event
HKW Foyer

Open Zone, Lost in the Open? - Workstation
In a time of global mutation, migration and diversity, artists and curators need to embrace a highly mobile professional practice across multiple art forms and places, to respond and engage with interdisciplinary art forms in a variety of contexts.


The nomadic TRACES Lounge responds by offering a space for slow culture, relaxed interaction and deeper exchange. Visitors, artists, speakers, curators and creative researchers are invited to consider the realities and navigational strategies of interacting with Free Culture and the Open Web as they participate in the TRACES live radio show, and the TRACES 'Open Zone Special Edition.'


The radio shows will be broadcast live on radioCona and will be available on the initiative by the Museum of Transitory Art.


The results of the collaborative ‘Open Zone Special Edition' will be presented on Sunday when the edition will be published using the Booki Mobile on demand printer. Cakes and tea made from wild Lithuanian herbs will be served.


TRACES Lounge, hosted by Jodi Rose, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Vytautas Michelkevičius & Philippe Franck. Cakes by Hudsons!   

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