Third Meeting of Technology Based Art Spaces and Curators in Berlin

Art Laboratory Berlin, Panke, Liebig12 and reSource transmedial culture Berlin invites all project spaces and curators focusing on technology based arts for an open meeting on November 1st, 19:00 at Liebig 12 (Liebigstrasse 12, 10245 Berlin, U5 + M21 + M10 Frankfurter Tor). 


The meeting is part of a series of get-togethers intendend to be an open space where curators and exhibition organisers can exchange information, search for synergies and discuss common strategies for PR, fundraising and more. The first one took place at Panke in July 7 and the second at Art Laboratory Berlin in September 24.


At the third meeting, the idea is to continue developing the following topics (but not limited to), that have been discussed at the last one: 


- Raising the profile of new media arts (including questioning & discussing the term and his necessity but referring to new media/Digital Media, technologically-driven art and performance, Bio Art, Science Art, etc.) in Berlin, with a special focus on locations hosting exhibitions, performances and events.


- Considering regular meetings to increase exchange of ideas and information between spaces and give life to possible synergies for common projects, rhizomatic exhibition structures or multi-space interactive events considering as a first possible trial/occasion the event partnership with the upcoming edition of transmediale festival in January, as a call for participation will be published via the reSource mailing list.


- Common publicity platforms and strategies.


- Synergies ranging from working on common projects to exchanging information and working together on fundraising.


- Forming partnerships with institutions to realize larger projects.


Among the attendees were Christian de Lutz (Art Laboratory Berlin), Erika Šiekštelytė(Panke e.V.), Allegra Solitude (Liebig12), Desiree Foerster (free curator), Susanne Jaschko (free curator), Stefan Hoeppe (free curator), Tatiana Bazzichelli (transmediale), Daniela Silvestrin (transmediale),Georgia Nicolau (transmediale).

Photo Credit: (Justus-Liebig Gesellschaft zu Gießen e.V.)  

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