The Space Beyond Me

The Space Beyond Me


This major new work by Julius von Bismark, shown for the first time at transmediale.10, uses the materials and devices of filmmaking to create an uncanny experience of space and time. The Space Beyond Me recreates a process in the human brain in which virtual three dimensional images are reconstructed from two dimensional information; a principle that enables us to vividly imagine a place where we have never been before, or a time that is already history.

In the gallery this takes the form of an immersive installation, where a 16mm camera, which has been converted into a projector, beams a film onto a circular screen that is painted with phosphorescent paint. The small phosphorescent crystals memorise the projected image chemically, analogous to the human mind. The past is projected into the present as an ephemeral image which fades from view like a fleeting memory.

In this landmark work, historical instruments and contemporary digital and robotic technology combine to create a transient experience of futurity.