Teresa Dillon


Teresa Dillon is the chair of the thematic stream Anxious to Make.
She is an artist, researcher, and educator whose work explores techno-civic interfaces and relationships with current projects focusing on digital and civic activism, military sound re-enactments, and free-to-use Urban Huts. She holds a PhD in social and educational psychology and has co-designed educational software at Futurelab/NFER and for the BBC. Dillon has published on various media and art related topics, and since 2013 directs Urban Knights, a program that promotes practical approaches to urban governance and living. Currently she is a Humboldt Fellow at the Technical University and the University of the Arts in Berlin, where she carries out work on artistic approaches to making the electromagnetic spectrum audible.

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Teresa Dillon has curated the following events for transmediale/conversationpiece:

before all hell broke loose
(Re)Positioning Maker Culture
Keynote Conversation: Anxious to Make
Unpatentable Multi-touch Aerobics
Fear of Silence, or A Brief History of the Air-Raid Siren
How to Turn Yourself into a Commissioning Body in Five Easy Steps
Future Factories
Affection Systems
Crafting New Methods for Learning and Collaboration

Festival edition: