Submit Your Sounds for CTM 2018 Radio Lab

CTM Radio Lab @CTM 2017 Photo by Stefanie Kulisch

For the fifth year in a row, Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio Art / Klangkunst and CTM Festival—in collaboration with ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst, Ö1 Radiokunst / Kunstradio, and with the support of British music magazine The Wire—are commissioning an artistic project. The call is for unusual audio projects that couple the radio medium with the potential of live performance or installation while also relating to the CTM 2018 Festival theme: Turmoil. The call is open to artists in the fields of experimental music, sound art, radio art, new radio drama, and performance. The commissioned work will premiere in the form of an installation or live performance at CTM 2018 Festival in Berlin (26 January – 4 February 2018), and then be broadcasted in Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s Klangkunst program in 40- to 55-minute transmission. The deadline for submissions is 17 September and the selected work will be awarded a 5,000 € fee plus production costs.

Learn more and submit your project here.


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