_Social Tesseracting: Parts 1 - 3

_Social Tesseracting: Parts 1 - 3

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"_Social Tesseracting_: Parts 1 - 3" details the emergence of synthetically-defined interactions and their impact on current entertainment models/knowledge formation. This series is part of the _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ project, a "...working manual discussing the formation and evolution of synthetic environments". The Augmentology project presents content via a networked [link-rich] format rather than subscribing to canonized standards of referencing and/or validation. Thus, all sources are presented to reflect a link-based orientation. Each "_Social Tesseracting_" entry adheres to the overarching project aim whereby content is: "...constructed to reflect how participants absorb information within attention economies and synthetic environments. The entries are designed to function within a system dependent on embedded information streams. Concepts are condensed to reflect this."

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