Sharism: The More You Share the More You Get by and with Michelle Thorne, Barry Threw & Jon Phillips

Wed, 02.02.2011
Feb 02.02.
HKW Foyer

The more you share, the more you are shared. Sharism is an ideology for our Internet Age. The philosophy emerged through the networks of Free and Open Source software. It is the motivation behind every piece of User-Generated Content and is the pledge of Creative Commons, to share, remix and give credit to the latest and greatest of our cultural creations. Sharism is also a mental practice that anyone can try, a daily act that beckons a future of increased social intelligence that brings an abundance of community respect and social capital to those who share. One legal concern is that any loss of control over copyright will lead to loss of potential earnings or creative freedom. But today's sharing environment is more protected than you might think. Many new social applications make it easy to set terms-of-use along the sharing path (such as Creative Commons licenses or privacy settings). Any infringement of those terms will be challenged not just by the law, but by your community. Your audience, who benefit from your sharing, can also be the gatekeepers of your rights. This workshop demonstrates the benefits of sharing through examples of Sharism projects and Creative Commons licenses, while challenging views on real value and contributions, both economic and creative.


2 Feb, 14:00 - 16:00

Open Zone, Lost in the Open? - Workstation