Second meeting of Berlin based New Media Spaces and Curators

art laboratory berlin
Art Laboratory Berlin, Artist Talk und Screening mit Kate Hers, Juni 2012 (Fotografie: Regine Rapp, 2012)

Continuing the discussions initiated on the first meeting between media art spaces in Berlin (that happened at Panke on 7 July), Art Laboratory Berlin and Panke invite all project spaces and curators focusing on media and art for a second meeting on 24 September, 19:00 at Art Laboratory Berlin (U9 Pankstraße, U8/U9 Osloer Straße and S Bahn Bornholmer Straße).


The meeting is part of a series of get-togethers, where curators and exhibition organisers can exchange information, search for synergies and discuss common strategies for PR, fundraising and more.


The topics for this second discussion can include the following, but are not limited to:


- Raising the profile of new media arts (Digital Media, technologically-driven art and performance, Bio Art, Science Art, etc.) in Berlin, with a special focus on locations hosting exhibitions, performances and events.

- Common publicity platforms and strategies.

- Synergies ranging from working on common projects to exchanging information and working together on fundraising.

- Forming partnerships with institutions to realise larger projects.


Additional input both prior to and during the meeting is encouraged.


Photo Credit: Regine Rapp, 2012

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