Scream by Amy Alexander
© Amy Alexander

Software application for Windows. Presentation format: Video demonstration by the artist.


Scream, a piece of software art for the Windows desktop, programmed by Amy Alexander to react to the frustration and anger users feel when their computer malfunctions or while working with certain programs.


Once installed on the computer, the software sits quietly in the application bar in the form of an icon modeled on Edward Munch’s famous painting The Scream. The moment it detects a human scream, it automatically springs into action and responds by shaking the open windows in an echo of the user’s rage.

Scream was inspired by the idea that software generally assumes that everything works as intended, and in case of errors or bugs the user quietly and patiently uses the help function. Alexander’s software, however, acknowledges human feelings of incompatibility with computers. It encourages users to scream and yell, but not only with regard to the anger felt while using software, but with regard to general feelings of frustration and discontent towards the world as it unfolds on the screen in front of the user.


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